Lush Mini-Haul [+ New Valentines Day Collection]

This year I’ve resolved to treat myself to more baths so that I can sufficiently recharge and refresh my mind and body. It can be so easy for me to get lost in school work and work-work that my only downtime consists of me watching Netflix with Ben (*insert typical quote about how I am in love with Black Mirror Season 4 here*), which, as entertaining as that may be, it isn’t the most invigorating nor inspiring thing to do (unless I’m watching Black Mirror ♥‿♥).

Ben recently bought me some goodies from Lush (bless!) that I thought I’d try out! He managed to grab a couple products from the new limited-edition Valentines Day collection as well!

PINK Bath Bomb

Lush Pink Bath Bomb
Lush’s PINK Bath Bomb

An oldie but a goodie! Lush’s PINK bath bomb smells like vanilla sweets and leaves the bath water glittering when all the frothy foam fades away. It makes me feel like I’m marinating in a bath full of highly-concentrated pink-lemonade and I’m LIVING for that.


Heart Of Enlightened Expectation Bath Bar

Crumble this soft bar under running water to create a bunch of bubbles! To create even more bubbles, swish the water around in the tub while it is still filling up! The more you agitate the water, the more obnoxious the bubble build up. Fun Stuff.

With fair trade organic cocoa butter and geranium oil as it’s main ingredients, this bubble bar will leave your skin feeling smooth and smelling like a SNACK.

Lush Heart Of Enlightened Expectation Bath Bar
Peep the stains that these products left on my coasters tho :’)

See, the problem I have with bath bombs is that they are so aesthetically-pleasing (and let’s be real, so expensive) that they make me want to not use them at all! The two heart-shaped products from Lush’s limited edition valentines collection are no exceptions.

That’s why everyone takes pictures of their bath bombs and their fancy bathwaters for Instagram right? To not let that $8.99 go to waste? No? Just me?


Lush Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb
Lush’s TISTY TOSTY Bath Bomb *NEW*

I mean just LOOK at this one! The classic white Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb has received a new cute pink coating just in time for Valentine’s day! This way, the bath bomb actually tints the water a gorgeous pink shade. The dried up rosebuds in it are a nice touch!


Flower's Barrow Bath Oil
Lush’s “FLOWER’S BARROW” Bath Oil *New*

This bath oil on the other hand really missed the mark aesthetically (for me anyway) :’)

Flower's Barrow Bath Oil
I’ve never used Lush’s Bath Oils before, but man do these little guys MELT!

There is something magical about the thought of soaking in a tub of luxuriously scented oils and floating flower petals right? That’s what drew my attention to this bath oil in particular, but as you can see, it looks nothing like how it is advertised online. I tried my best to make it look cute with the power of photo editing and a decent camera in the photos above, but really, in person, it looks like something that my cats would cough up in the middle of the night and has the consistency of an off-brand vegan meatball.

Flower's Barrow Bath Oil

What are YOUR New Year’s Resolutions? How about YOUR favourite bath bombs or Lush bath products? Let me know since I’ll definitely be looking to buy some more!!

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