Little Victories Coffee Roasters Ottawa

Little Victories Coffee Roasters

The whole bus ride home from campus yesterday I overheard a lengthy conversation shared between two typical jock-type characters regarding their devoted love and appreciation for local Ottawa venues, such as a hispter-esque soup and sandwich joint and an artisanal cured meats and fine cheeses store to name a few. There is something really wholesome about hearing the words “Yeahh duude, they got some mad tasty cheeses yooo” and “that tomato BISQUE…..THOOOO” resonate passionately throughout the bus as it barrels down Bank street on a chilly Friday night (I kid you not, these guys were such stereotypical “bros” it took all of my energy to not turn around in my seat and catch a glimpse of these unbelievable characters).

But I totally get it. Honestly, I feel the same way about the cute little stores and coffee shops and other related establishments that you can find here in Ottawa. One of the ones that I’ve been meaning to check out for a while is called “Little Victories Coffee” – a small independent coffee roaster based in Ottawa! I hadn’t ever heard of the place until they recently opened up a second venue where the old French Baker use to be, in between third and fourth street in the Glebe. I checked out their website and Instagram and instantly fell in love with their charming aesthetic.

Little Victories Coffee
Little Victories Coffee

Ben and I swung by their relatively new Bank Street location before heading to our classes that Friday morning for some coffees and a sweet treat! I opted for a small latte, Ben ordered his classic black coffee and we grabbed a cinnamon donut to share.

coffee meme
s h o o k

The coffee was really great, and the donut was AMAZING (to say the least). They get their donuts from a donut shop called “SuzyQ Doughnuts“, yet another local, Ottawa-based establishment! I absolutely love how all of the independent shops here support one another by selling one another’s goods and products in their stores. You can find locally-sourced donuts and sweets in various coffee shops around town, locally-made soaps and decor at your favourite restaurants, and pouches of locally-crafted coffee mixes and jams at used bookstores and big-name grocers. It’s absolutely commendable, the strong sense of community here in the city!

Suzy Q Doughnut
Suzy Q Doughnut

They have a pretty vast assortment of croissants,”pain au chocolat” and other baked goods on deck if, unlike me, you actually like to keep your health in check and prefer NOT to have donuts for breakfast. :’)

Little Victories Coffee Ottawa
My Latte!

In total, our order came to around 9 dollars before the tip. I applaud them for their revolutionary paying system – they make you chose between a 1, 2 or 3 on a spiffy touchscreen to determine how many dollars you wish to tip, and then you are made to flash your debit card on some white cube off to the side (black mirror WHOM?). I chose the “2” since I’m all about supporting local businesses but I’m still a student so I’m still poor at the end of the day.

Little Victories Coffee
Working hard or hardly working?

All in all the place was a sweet little hangout with plenty of natural lighting, cool tunes, yummy eats, a cozy atmosphere and super nice service. It’s the perfect place to hang out with friends or get some studying done in a more welcoming atmosphere than the lowkey depressing school library.

Little Victories Coffee
Living for this A E S T H E T I C

Plus, the chic minimalist interior decor is bound to take your Instagram feed to the next level! The big windows by the front of the store let in a lot of natural light to make taking an aesthetically pleasing shot that much easier. I find a lot of small local coffee shops can end up getting too stuffy and dark to take a decent pic in, especially with a phone camera, but that certainly wasn’t the case here.

Little Victories Coffee
Ben Cheesin’ it up

For more information, check out their socials! They also sell some pretty cool stuff on their website, from actual merch to bags of coffee and brew gear!



Little Victories Coffee Instagram
Follow their Instagram account for rad pics and to keep yourself up to date with what’s going on at Little Victories! For example, they are giving out free drip coffee from 7AM to 9AM starting February 1st and until Valentine’s Day!

4 thoughts on “Little Victories Coffee Roasters Ottawa

  1. It’s so pretty, and my EXACT aesthetic – white walls, light wood, and plants. Would move in 10/10. Thank you for sharing, it definitely seems like a great place to visit to get some positive vibes over coffee! Is it quiet enough to study? I get distracted by every little noise in public lol

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    1. Right?! It was well worth taking a detour before class to take pics of the place! ≧◡≦

      I would say that when the place was fairly full it had your typical coffee shop ambiance – soft music and moderate levels of conversation, with the occasional laugh or excited burst of gossip. At that point it wasn’t particularly distracting – I was able to get some reading done no problem (and I too get pretty distracted by random noises in public), but once it cleared out a bit and the only people left were students studying and old ladies chatting it was super quiet. Definitely not as quiet as the silent floor of the library, but on par with an average study area.

      All in all, I’d say its more of a place to pick up a coffee and chat with friends than a place to crack out the textbooks in, it’s just that the place was on our way to school so we figured we may as well hang out and enjoy the venue and study there! You can also just grab a coffee and/or treat to go and explore the other shops in the Glebe since it’s conveniently located right in the middle of it!

      Another great place to study at is another local coffee shop & used books store called “The Black Squirrel“. It’s even FURTHER down bank street though, but that place has a whole section allotted for studying and quiet conversation, plus you can browse a bunch of affordable used books and buy yourself some vegan baked goods there while you are at it (if that’s your kinda thing)! ;p But yeah, that place is usually filled with students that want some quiet study space seeing as it is fairly close to Carleton’s campus as well. If ya don’t mind hanging with us Carleton kids 😉

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