Sansotei Ramen Ottawa

As Youtube sensation, Quinton Attempts, ever so wisely articulated upon observing the waitress cautiously position the porcelain bowl of steaming soup in front of him that  cold, Saturday afternoon:

ok…this isn’t Mr Noodles tho…

Sansotei Ramen is hands down one of my favourite places to eat in the downtown/centertown Ottawa area. I would also dare to say that Sansotei has the best ramen in Ottawa! The constant line of people sprawling out of the doors and down the street can back me up on that one.

I’ve never really been a big fan of soups because for whatever reason my parents found it perfectly suitable to purposefully include nasty hunks of fatty meat and cartilage in their homemade soups and stews… (Gordon Ramsay is SHOOK)… and you bet your ass I wasn’t allowed to leave that table until I had finished the entire contents of my bowl because “there are starving children in Africa” and all that good stuff. The PTSD is real I tell ya. So you know that Sansotei Ramen has to be doing something right to be able to propagate one of the most outstanding paradoxes of my life: that my most-hated dish format is simultaneously my most-loved meal. Bless up Sansotei. Bless up.

Sansotei Ramen Ottawa
Sansotei Tonkotsu Ramen

I always order the classic Tonkotsu Ramen with thicc noodles (as seen above). You can order the noodles either thin or thick but the waitresses claim that the thick ones are the more authentic ones so if you pride yourself on staying WOKE and all that then you may as well get them.

Ben always gets the Tonkotsu Black (seen below), which is a more garlic-y variation of the classic Tonkotsu. [See a FULL MENU at the end of the post]

Sansotei Tonkotsu Black Ramen

I didn’t get a good picture of the storefront when it was light out because, as always, the venue attracted quite the lineup and I didn’t really feel like sticking my camera in people’s faces. If you are looking to be seated fast, I’d suggest showing up at really odd hours of the day to ensure that there is no line. Usually, if you go for a late lunch or early dinner (from 2 – 4pm) on a weekday there isn’t that much of a lineup, if any at all.

Sansotei Ramen Ottawa
Gotta order a side of ZANGI (fried chicken Kushiro style) to go with that ramen to properly OD on sodium.

It is true what they say about the place though – instead of waiting for your meal while you are seated, you essentially wait for your meal outside. To re-iterate, you end up spending as much time as you would normally expect to wait on a meal at any restaurant outside in the line instead of in your seat because the second you sit down a waitress attends to you and it isn’t much longer (give or take five minutes) before your meal arrives.

Downtown Ottawa

At Sansotei you can also order “KAEDAMA” – an extra order of noodles. Apparently, (and I’m quoting Ben here so don’t hold me to my word) it’s customary in Japan to actually eat ramen noodles as fast as you can and then subsequently order another round (Kaedama) while your broth is still piping hot to max out that broth to noodles-eaten ratio.

I think it’s pretty cool that Sansotei has that option, but given the density of their dishes, I don’t think I could ever personally order a kaedama. I can barely finish my bowl at times and often have to give the last quarter to Ben. One time he even tried starving himself for a whole day just to see if he could partake in the cultural experience that is stuffing yourself with noodles in a limited time… to no avail – he was still full after just the one bowl. I mean, I guess he essentially has a kaedama anyways from eating my leftover noodles ;p

But it’s still a pretty neat concept nonetheless, and seeing as the extra serving of noodles is only $1.50 it’s not a bad deal.

Sansotei Ramen Menu

Sansotei Ramen Menu
Sansotei Ramen Menu

Sansotei Ramen’s Socials:


Ramen Meme

I had a blast spilling the tea on our haters and discussing Black Mirror Season 4 over ramen with Youtube’s hottest sensation.  Y’all should check his channel out if you haven’t already!




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