Anthropologie Ottawa Mini Haul


Whoever said laughter was the best medicine obviously never tried retail therapy…

The other day I hit up Anthropologie, my FAVOURITE place to shop for home decor, kitchenware, and unique cosmetic goodies! I can’t believe I’ve already been living in my apartment for 8 months and it’s still nowhere near how I’d like it to look. Though I suppose that’s to be expected, seeing as I have a student budget, a student schedule, aaand I highly doubt this place will be our final home anyways (how tragic would it be if we were destined to reside in this bachelor apartment for the rest of our lives), so I find there is no rush to whip out the hammers and permanently install artwork and renovate the place to my complete liking. In the meantime, however, I can just spend all my savings on smol Anthropologie treats :’)

I won’t be showing ALL of the stuff that I have from Anthropologie, but I thought I’d share some of the things that I recently purchased the other day!

Anthropologie Bath Salt
Anthropologie Mer Sea Bath Salt

I got this coconut sugar salt soak on sale from the brand mer sea! At first, I was hesitant to buy it because I figured the entire package would only suffice for a single bath given its small size, but upon reading the instructions on the back, it advises to only use two scoops at a time! The “spa experts” that recommend 2 cups of this shit at a time are QUAKING.

Anthropologie Bath Salt
It smells wonderful!

You know when you go shopping and you see that beautiful shirt or dress or pair of shoes from across the room and the wind gets knocked out of you and you dramatically thrust one arm in its general direction while clutching your heart with the other? No? Just me?

I pretty much reacted this way when I saw this candle. Yeah I know, I’m SO cool, you don’t have to tell me.

Anthropologie Candle
This candle smells HEAVENLY.

Aside from how cute the candle looks – the scent is oddly nostalgic. It reminds me of this cherry blossom perfume from The Body Shop that my friend gifted me in the ninth grade. Funny how a “cherry blossom” perfume and a “mango water lily” candle have almost the EXACT scent despite having notably different names. That’s marketing for you I suppose ;p

Anthropologie Candle
Almost makes me not want to burn it…

One of my favourite accounts that I follow on Instagram is domsli22. She takes STELLAR shots of really cute products, her food, the scenery around her home (AND HER SWEET DOGGO). She actually has this same cup (except with a “D” of course), and the pics that she took of it are actually what inspired me to buy it! She actually gets featured by Anthropologie on their account quite often too for her stellar photography of their products. WYD Anthropologie – hire this woman!

Anthropologie Coffee Cup
Anthropologie Lettered Coffee Cup in “S”
Anthropologie Lettered Cup
“S” for “Socially Awkward”

I found this cute lil perfume in the clearance section (#noshame) for 25 percent off the already reduced price. I tell you guys, Anthropologie has some really affordable and neat things if you go at the right time and know just where to look. I literally didn’t find the clearance/saleroom in the Ottawa location until like the third time that I went there. It is off at the very back in this secret-room location. Super sneaky!

She Found Quiet In His Wild
She Found Quiet In His Wild

“She Found Quiet In His Wild”
Sounds like the name of a John Green novel. I can already hear all the tumblr girls shrieking in anticipation to print off the catchy book cover and pin it up on their walls to attain that elite tumblr girl status.

The scent itself is actually super nice! It smells like a fresh, sweet wine…. And I don’t drink, so interpret that as you may :’)

Anthropologie Perfume
This perfume comes in a handy little travel size – absolutely perfect for throwing it into the never-ending abyss that is my bag.

I have a problem that I have to admit to y’all. I drink a lot of tea/coffee and I don’t always clean or return my cups afterward. WHOOPS. This usually results in a plethora of various mugs being littered about the bedroom, and it isn’t until they are just about falling off all of the free surfaces of the room before anything is done about it :’)

So, to add fuel to the fire that is my negligence, I HAD to buy every cute coffee cup in sight. This one included! Reminds me of that one meme that goes along the lines of:
>all of the dishes are dirty
>buys new ones instead of cleaning them

Anthropologie Tea Cup
Anthropologie Tea Cup

Beautiful on the outside AAAND on the inside. Unlike me :)))))

Anthropologie Tea Cup
I’m a sucker for detail

I got Ben a coffee cup too! Doesn’t the white part look like a Hershey’s “Cookies & Creme” bar? Makes the vanilla almond milk I drink out of this taste all the sweeter!

(LMAO @ the fact that this is supposed to be Ben’s cup but I end up being the one that uses it)

Anthropologie Mug
“B” for “Broke-Ass Student”

And of course, we had to buy this chic, on-brand, on-trend, super fashion-forward  NARWHAL cup. They also had “corgi”, “cat” and “pineapple” variations of this mug for normal people if you are interested in that 🙂

Anthropologie Coffee Cup
Anthropologie Coffee Cup

How’s that for an underwhelming Anthropologie Haul. If you were expecting 100 dollar pillows and 300 dollar wicker baskets then I’d recommend checking out bloggers that are not currently enrolled in university and coughing up 8k a year in tuition costs alone 😉 But I just thought it would be cool to share some of the things that I like to buy/use and subsequently impart my aesthetic and aesthetic inspirations with others!

Hope you guys have a good one! Cheers!






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