Things I’ve Tried In … February

A while back I put out a poll on my Instagram story asking you guys what reoccurring segment you would prefer to see on the blog: Monthly Favourites, OR Things I’ve Tried. Lo and behold, the winner was the latter!

Now, evidently, there are many MANY things that I have “tried” at one point or another this month, TOO MANY to cram into a post and hope to maintain your attention. Thus, I’ll try to keep the collections of NOTE WORTHY things that shall make an appearance on these posts relevant to more of the core motifs and themes of the kinds of content you would regularly find on my blog, such as makeup/skincare products, home goods, food, books, etc. If you were looking for what brand of toilet paper I used this month or flavor of tide pod I have preferred to eat over these past few weeks, I’m afraid this just isn’t the segment for you.

Essie Nailpolish
Some goodies that I’ve been using this month!
  1. Essie Nail Laquer in “Clothing Optional”
    I’ve tried to stray away from only wearing exclusively black and dark navy blue this month by introducing creamy pink hues into my wardrobe in light of this month of love. To complement and complete the ensemble, I’ve been wearing this dusty pink shade of nail polish from Essie. I’m actually not the biggest fan of Essie‘s formulation simply because I find it takes FOREVER to dry (at least by my standards), but I’m willing to forgive them because their colour selection is EVERYTHING.3 times out of 5 I manage to ruin my nails as they are still drying, and not because I’m doing anything immediately after I paint them, but I’ll be waiting for like, 40 minutes doing absolutely NOTHING, and then I’ll go change into some jeans or something and as I buckle my button it will dig into the nail and tear apart the perfect manicure I have spent the last hour tending to patiently! My nails should be DRY in 40 minutes ok? Is that too much to ask for Essie? But please keep blessing us with the cutest colour selection I have ever seen! My preferred formulation would be from OPI, but Essie still KILLS it in the colour selection, which is why I always go crawling back to this brand ;p
  2. China Glaze No Chip Top Coat
    To seal in the glossiness of my nails and allow the style to last (so that they don’t look like how they do in these pictures rip) I’ve been using this top coat by China Glaze. I got this at Winners so it wasn’t too pricey and it does a stellar job! When I apply this to my nail polish it adds a bit of depth, volume and gloss to my manicure to make it look like I might have actually gotten my nails done in a salon instead of on my bed while watching edgy youtube videos. Once applied, it keeps my nail polish free from chipping for about 5-6 days.
  3. NYX Matte Lipstick in “Natural”
    I’ve been pretty impressed with the colour payoff and longevity of this lipstick. You can apply a tiny bit for just a touch of colour or you can apply it heavily for a more dramatic effect. Since this is a classic lipstick, and not a heavy duty liquid-lipstick the creamy formulation does wear off eventually, but I find that even when it does, it leaves a pretty stain on your lips afterward! I’ve been loving this colour to go with the matching pink hues of my nails and my eyeshadow.
    NYX Lipstick
  4. Nars Blush in “Amour”
    When I went back home for the break I dug this beauty up in my old makeup stash. I remember buying it back in high school but never really wearing it because I didn’t know how to apply it properly and I would either do so with too light of a hand (so that no pigment would ever show up) or I would smear that shit in too roughly and look like a clown. Now that I have the proper tools and techniques to apply it, I’ve been using it liberally to add warmth back into my pale face this past cold month. Like all Nars blushes, this one is spectacular. Super pigmented, rich in colour and longlasting!

    Nars Blush
    Nars Blush In “Amour”
  5. The Face Shop White Mascara
    If you have small, sparse, underwhelming lashes like myself you may want to consider using a white mascara. It’s essentially a mascara primer in the sense that you apply a coat of it on your lashes and let it dry before applying your actual mascara over top. The thick, white adhesive coat preps and primes your lashes to make them appear more voluminous when you apply your mascara! You can buy this kind of mascara at Lancome for 30 dollars or you can grab it for 10 dollars (or less if there is a sale!) at The Face Shop! I notice a dramatic difference whenever I use this underneath my mascara, and I’ve been using it a lot this month as I’ve tried out some more dramatic eye looks.

    The Face Shop
    The Face Shop Mascara
  6. The Face Shop Cream in “Snow Cotton”
    I’ve been carrying this cute hand cream in my purse this month to help with my dry hands and eczema. It smells lovely and does a great job moisturizing my hands without making them feel overly greasy or anything. I have a couple of these creams in a variety of scents and I’ve loved all of them!

    The Face Shop Cream
    The Face Shop “Snow Cotton” Cream
  7.  Tarte Cleansing Gel
    I got this as a sample from Sephora and it’s honestly making me re-think my stance on expensive face washes. I’ve used a few before and ultimately concluded that the face washes that I’ve gotten from the drugstore work just as well. THIS face wash, however, is making me question my faith. It’s creamy texture when applied to my face and the way it lathers so nicely makes me feel like I am truly bathing my face in luxury. It did a great job removing makeup residue and cleansing my face, and it really helped calm my acne for the duration of time that I used this. I may actually consider purchasing a full size!

    Tarte Cleansing Gel
    Tarte rainforest of the sea deep dive cleansing gel
  8. Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist
    I’ve been using this mist at night time before applying the moisturizers and other extraneous products from my skincare routine. I can tell that it has helped bring some moisture back into my face after my rigorous cleansing rituals, but I wouldn’t use this as a moisturizer alone. I’ve also liked applying this before I apply my moisturizer and primer and makeup in the mornings, as I find it helps my foundation blend much more readily. The best feature of this, however, is the scent. The smell of rosewater just puts me in such a zen mood, which is perfect for both waking up and going to sleep!

    Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist
  9. Bath & Body Works Candles in “Mineral Springs” and “Comfort”
    Speaking of zen, I’ve been LOVING to use these two candles the past month. I’ve used these mostly for my baths, and now whenever I use them when I’m NOT soaking in extravagantly coloured and lightly salted water the scent makes me feel as calm as if I was! That’s like, conditional thinking right? Surely I’ve learned SOMETHING in my oddly-structured and poorly taught cognitive science class :’)Both of these candles smell super clean and refreshing and I’m surprised how much wax I have left in them both considering how often I’ve used them.

    Bath And Body Works Candles
    Bath And Body Works White Barn “Mineral Springs” Candle

    Bath And Body Works Candle
    Bath And Body Works Comfort Vanilla + Patchouli Candle
  10. Bath & Body Works “Comfort” Body Wash
    To add bubbles to my baths I’ve been using the accompanying “Comfort” 2 in 1 body wash and bubble bath! I’ve also used this as a body wash of course, and I’ve been loving the scent that it leaves on my skin. I don’t have much else to say about this other than it smells really nice and it appeases my minor case of OCD that I’m lowkey matching the scent of my candles.

    Bath And Body Works Aromatherapy
    Bath And Body Works Aromatherapy Comfort Body Wash
  11. “East, West” by Salman Rushdie
    When I learned about Rushdie in not one, but TWO different classes (back to back) on the same day I thought to myself: Why have I NEVER heard of this man before?? Rushdie is a post-colonial writer who spent a good chunk of his life in hiding due to a religiously issued death threat that was made against him because of his book “The Satanic Verses” – one that heavily criticizes Islamic faith and culture. He won the man booker prize of the CENTURY for his novel “Moonlight’s Children” and most of his work has to do with this notion of hybridity and critiques on the premises of cultural imperialism. His satiric tones and unique voice are reasons enough to look into his work.This particular book contains a collection of Rushdie’s short stories that have to do with themes that range from historically accurate tales that critique the response of humankind when heavily religious objects enter a secular space, to strange sci-fi tales chalk full of magic realism that critique our overly materialistic world. I’ve gotten a great taste for the way in which Rushdie writes, and I am definitely going to be looking into reading more of his work!

    East West Salman Rushdie
    East West, by Salman Rushdie
  12. Hanabi Japanese Cuisine
    This place opened up a few months back and it’s RIGHT by our apartment in centretown. Whenever we feel lazy and don’t want to cook (which, let’s be honest, happens ALL THE TIME) we tend to order out, and so this month we have have been ordering sushi from Hanabi. Our go-to combo is an order of “Fire Cracker Dreams”, “Japanese Eggplant” and the “Dynamite Maki”. The sushi is moderately priced and the quality is pretty great! Some of the best sushi in the area no doubt (but not as good as my favourite restaurant in all of Ottawa – Sushi88)!

That is all for this month! Not too many things of particular importance to mention because I spent a quarter of the month lounging in my bed at home with my cats for the reading week break and Rushdie’s iconoclastic musings have encouraged me to take a small break from my overly materialistic ways… but of course that is only temporary ;p

Thanks for reading, I hope you guys had a stellar February!


6 thoughts on “Things I’ve Tried In … February

  1. OPI is my fave nail polish brand too…I can’t stand to wait so long for my nails to dry either. I love love love Nars’ blush! Nothing beats it.
    I had never tried a white mascara primer before I received the a sample of Lancome’s in my Play! By Sephora box last month. It really does do wonders!!! I’ll have to see if I can find The Face Shop one so I don’t have to spend $30 for a replacement. 🙂
    That sushi looks so so yummy!
    Can’t wait to see your next “Things I’ve Tried” post! 😄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes!! I just wish they had as nice of a colour selection as Essie’s and then I would love OPI even more! Yeah that white mascara concept is awesome, I can’t wait for there to be more affordable options in the drug store ;p

      Thanks for reading!! 😀 ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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