Arlington Five

Yesterday I stopped by Arlington 5 with Ben before class to grab my essential second cup of coffee so that I could ensure that my eyes would stay open during my evening classes (WHOMSTever thought it was a good idea to have 6-9pm classes was grossly half-witted). If you haven’t checked this cute and cozy cafe yet I highly recommend that you do! The atmosphere is super snug without being overly crowded, and there are tons of cute accents throughout the shop that truly liven it up – from adorable little succulents to the unique drawings and paintings of local Ottawa talent.

Arlington Five

Arlington Five is right next door to the widely-loved brunch spot: “Wilf & Adas”, and it’s actually run by the same people! While waiting for a table to open up at Wilf & Adas (because that place is ALWAYS bustling), you can actually put your name on the waitlist and then wait next door at Arlington 5 and order your drinks. When you get the text message that your table is ready next door, you are even allowed to bring your cups and plates right over to the restaurant! It’s a really nifty idea if you ask me, since customers can get started on their drinks and wait in a cozy cafe while their table for brunch opens up!

Arlington Five Cafe
Cappuccino & drip coffee! The usual!

I wasn’t particularly hungry, and I also knew that if I ate anything before taking the OC Transpo to campus I would likely throw up. I swear to god those drivers HAVE to be driving THAT BADLY on purpose. The fact that the plethora of cracks and mounds on the old streets in the Glebe resemble the terrain of a small mountainous region doesn’t help. So, I stuck with my usual cappuccino while Ben got a ham sandwich and a drip coffee.

Arlington Five Ottawa
A sandwich of the “Ham & Cheese” variety

If you read my 50 facts about me post you know that I have a vehement distaste for sandwiches, but, like Eleanor Roosevelt said: “do one thing every day that scares you” right? Thus, I stole a bite of Ben’s sandwich and it was pretty solid. A little too heavy-handed on the mayo for me, but still super tasty altogether.

Arlington Five Ottawa
Digging these cozy vibes ~

Arlington Five is a pretty affordable little hangout spot as well, definitely student-budget friendly! The two coffees and the sandwich came to a total of 20 dollars, plus if you order the drip coffee you get free refills!

Arlington Five Ottawa
Windowsill goals. I need more succulents in my life :’)

It so cool to live so close to so many of these nifty little cafes to spend a couple hours in before going to class. If you are from Ottawa and you happen to read this, I’d love to know where YOUR favourite coffee shops around town are! I’m always looking for more cute places to visit!





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