Love Beauty & Planet | REVIEW

Love Beauty And Planet
Love Beauty And Planet

I ran out of my conditioner the other day so I went to shoppers drug mart to look for a new one. Turns out, my regular conditioner was not on sale (tragic, I know) while this NEW line of shampoos/conditioners were! I’ve heard so many good things about the newly-released brand “Love Beauty and Planet” so I figured I’d give them a try!


I’ve always tried to make it a habit of mine to be aware of the products that I use. Specifically, I find that the ethics and mission statements of the brands, companies, and manufacturers that I buy things from, as well as the ingredients that go into those very things, are important factors that matter a lot to me when I decide to use certain products. I may not be living a zero-waste and vegan lifestyle, but I try my best to remain conscious of the material objects that I utilize and the impacts that their usage has on the rest of the world.

That’s how I was able to justify the $12 CAN price tag ($10 on sale!) on each of these bottles (I’m more of a 3 dollar shampoo, 30 dollar leave-in product kind of gal to be completely honest with you).

Love Beauty & Planet Shampoo
Coconut Oil & Yland-Ylang Conditioner!

Love Beauty and Planet is a new company that creates vegan, plant-based products that are packaged in 100% recycled plastic (that’s why their bottles are all slightly tinted!). Likewise, the bottles are also 100% recyclable!

The essential oils and extracts that go into their products are ethically sourced in ways that safeguard the environment while promoting good production practices. Plus, they don’t test on animals! While I personally support the notion of animal-testing that has been approved by an ethics board to further the medical and scientific frontier, I find that testing on animals for cosmetic purposes is completely unnecessary, and I’m honestly pretty surprised to hear that cosmetic companies still resort to these nonessential measures.

Their shampoo and conditioner line is paraben, silicone and dye-free! The pair that I got is of the “coconut oil and ylang ylang” variety, which is supposed to be their duo for dry and d a m a g e d (aka me) hair.

Love Beauty and Planet
Coconut Oil & Yland-Ylang Shampoo!

Good ethics aside, the shampoo and conditioner certainly perform to the standards that you would find in a similar price bracket. Plus, they smell heavenly! For me, that’s always a bonus, seeing as I can usually condition and replenish my hair with my holy grail leave-in hair treatments anyways, but the SMELL that these products leave is undoubtedly one of the best features.

Seeing as it is Love Beauty And Planet‘s objective to minimize their consumers’ ecological footprint, it comes as no surprise to hear that their products are “fast-rinse”, meaning you don’t need to wait very long in the shower for the conditioner to absorb into your hair before you can wash it off! I can attest to the validity of this claim, as I only waited for about a minute (instead of my usual 2 or 3) while I washed my face and body before finally washing the conditioner off, and it still accomplished everything a conditioner should!

Shorter shower times mean more time in your day for other important activities, and less water wasted, so it’s essentially a win-win situation!

I even made a point to not add anything else to my hair after I showered, and my hair was smooth and nourished with just the shampoo and conditioner alone, no leave-in-treatments required!

All in all, I’m very impressed with this new line, and will definitely be looking into their other products, like their body washes and body butters!

For more information, check out their website, and their other socials:





5 thoughts on “Love Beauty & Planet | REVIEW

    1. I feel you! While I don’t swim anymore I’m sure the lifetime that I spent swimming recreationally, competitively, and through my job as a lifeguard & swim instructor really took a permanent toll on my hair, so I’ve always gravitated towards shampoos that help repair and replenish dry and damaged hair. I would definitely recommend trying these out!! ^_^

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  1. Hi just so people are aware, these products are produced by Unilever and not a ‘new company’ but just another one of their many brands. It’s great that they are bringing us vegan, planet friendly (almost) products that are not tested on animals. The lids and pumps are not currently recyclable and the ingredients list isn’t completely great. A good start but could be better.


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