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Not too long ago, a representative from Naturally Vain reached out to me on Instagram to see if I’d be interested in representing their brand by becoming a Brand Ambassador. Coincidentally, I received this message as I was soaking in the bath after having used a Naturally Vain bath bomb and their bath salts, I. Kid. You. Not! It’s like the stars completely aligned for me or something!!

By being a brand representative, I was also sent some samples of new products to try out and review for you guys! This is my first time ever receiving a PR package, so as you can imagine, I’m pretty stoked to have been given such an opportunity! On the flip side, however, I should be clear in saying that while these items were given to me for free, I will always aim to have my opinions and reviews on them be 100% honest, as that is a value that I greatly respect when it comes to influencers in the beauty community.

To check out my previous review on Naturally Vain that talks a little more about the company as a whole, it’s ethics, and the other neato products that they offer, check out my previous Naturally Vaun Haul + Review post!

Without further ado, let’s delve into this review!

(Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. Also, if you click on a link that leads you to a product’s page and you don’t see an image or description it is because the item is NEW and has yet to have all of its info added to the website. You can still successfully add it to your cart and buy it if you wish!)


Naturally Vain Refreshing Shower Gel

Naturally Vain
Naturally Vain’s “Refreshing” Shower Gel – with eucalyptus!

I’ve been liking this shower gel quite a lot, as it always leaves me feeling nice and….you guessed it…

r e f r e s h e d

The strong notes of eucalyptus in this shower gel also bring about a strong sensation of nostalgia. Being half-Mexican and growing up in a household with a Latina mother, I was no stranger to the scent of eucalyptus as all Latina mothers strictly believe that Vicks VapoRub can cure you of anything. Have a chest cold? Rub some *latina accent* “Veecks” on it. Got a stuffy nose? Snort some “Veecks“. Boy troubles? VEECKS.

With that all being said, it may come as no surprise to you that I subsequently associate the feeling of being sick with the scent of Vicks, and therefore, eucalyptus. However, I’ve been managing to get over that and it’s really nice to be able to smell this scent and not actually be ill. If you haven’t ever smelt eucalyptus before, it has a very distinct, herbal and medicinal scent to it. This isn’t your typical, overly saturated, headache-inducing, sugary scented body wash, so I could see how this isn’t necessarily everyone’s cup of tea, but as someone that enjoys more naturally based scents and products, I’ve personally been digging it. Naturally Vain also offers a bunch of other scented body washes anyways so you can pick one that is more up your alley. 

Formulation-wise, this lathers very nicely without even needing a loofah or a scrubbie, and it leaves my skin feeling very fresh and clean! If you are looking for a vegan, natural, and affordable body wash I’d highly recommend the ones at Naturally Vain.

(As of right now, when I am writing this, the eucalyptus-scented “refreshing” variant is not currently up on the website yet. They do, however, have a rosemary one!)

Naturally Vain “Nourish” Face Cream

Naturally Vain Ottawa
Naturally Vain’s “Nourish” Face Cream. Very thick and moisturizing, but not so great for wearing under makeup.

This face cream is quite possibly one of the THICCEST creams I’ve ever used in my life. I tend to use my products very cautiously and sparingly, so when I lightly dipped my finger into this container for the first time and then proceeded to spread the small amount that I had collected onto my face I was shocked to see it barely spread before melting into my skin completely. Thus, I’ve had to get over my timid method of application and really dig in to get enough product to cover my entire face.

The formulation feels like a creamy butter, which is oddly satisfying and very soothing when I spread it around my face and neck. However, because this product is so thick, I actually worried it might clog my pores. I don’t think it has really been doing that (though it has been hard to tell since I’ve been breaking out pretty badly lately, but that could be for a plethora of reasons), and it has been super moisturizing! I do have some minor qualms with it though…

Because the formulation is so thick, I find that this moisturizer isn’t ideal for when you are going to be applying makeup on top of your skin. I’ve found that when I’ve used this, my makeup breaks up quicker and in a more noticeable manner throughout the day. However. this may just be because of my particular foundation.

Different foundations and powders work better or worse with different skin products; it’s all about striking the right balance between them all and finding an assortment of products that all layer on top of one another in the most ideal manner. That aside, it’s generally a rule of thumb to avoid super thick skin products when putting your makeup on as they are more likely to break your foundation apart throughout the day and are therefore better left for your night time skincare routine. Thus, I’d pass on this product when it comes to applying your daily makeup.

Naturally Vain
The formula is very thick and creamy – like butter!

This product also leaves my face feeling a bit sticky when I first apply it so I wouldn’t suggest applying this RIGHT before bed, as any kind of debris from your pillows or what have you could effectively stick to your face, and you wouldn’t want that. Give this product about 30 minutes to be sufficiently absorbed or apply another topical product (like aloe vera gel, or any other overnight-treatment) to encourage the layers underneath to dry and settle.

All in all, this is a very thick and moisturizing face cream, but I’ve found that I’ve had to make some minor compromises when utilizing it in both my morning and nighttime skincare routines.


Naturally Vain Lip Polish – Bubble Gum Flavor

Naturally Vain Lip Polish. This is one of the best lip scrubs that I have ever tried. Plus, it’s only $5!

I’ve tried a whole bunch of different lip polish products from both the drugstore and Sephora alike, and I’ve been constantly let down by how ineffective these products are – especially the ones I’ve paid 20 or 30 + dollars for. I have to say, for 5 dollars, this lip polish is pretty solid.

In my opinion, a good lip polish should always:

  • Effectively scrub away the dead and dry skin cells on your lips to make them feel fresh and prep them for any lip products
  • Moisturize your lips without leaving an overly thick or oily film on them
  • Bonus: smell & taste hella gud

I’d say that this lip polish definitely meets the first two requirements, which are undoubtedly the most important when it comes to a good lip scrub. Its formula is SUPER moisturizing, even possibly a tad on the oily side, but it does sit well on your lips. The small grains in the product help to slough off unwanted skin cells so that your lips look plush and feel moisturized. I only wish that this lip scrub had a more defined scent/taste to it, and perhaps tasted or smelled as vibrantly as it looks. But that’s alright. I’ll get over it *sobs*

I only wish this tasted as brilliantly as this looks!

As I briefly mentioned before, the container that I got was a bit oily, as the oil tends to collect itself around the sides of the jar whenever I open it, thus spreading itself on my fingers and the rest of the container when I don’t really want it to. I think if this product wasn’t filled right to the brim of its packaging, this could ensure that the oil doesn’t flow out and grease up the entire container. Aside from this minor packaging malfunction, I’d say that this product is a complete steal!


Naturally Vain Lemongrass Solid Bubble Bath

NaturallyVain Ottawa
Naturally Vain Solid Bubble Bath in “Lemongrass”. Smells amazing!

Right when I opened the PR package that Naturally Vain sent me, I was blown away by the strong and invigorating scent of lemongrass that immediately dissipated throughout the room. This solid bubble bath has a really lovely, refreshing and strong scent, and if you put your nose right up to it and inhale as hard as you can it will actually completely clear your mind (don’t ask me why I was doing that, please enjoy this product responsibly). It’s like a painless alternative to how it feels like to eat wasabi.

Odd descriptions of the scent aside, this worked very well in the bath. I kind of wish I had only used up half of it at a time to get the most use out of this, especially because I think I definitely could have gotten away with only using half. It made the bath water very creamy and it smelled very strongly of lemongrass of course. I usually like to light a candle as I’m soaking in the bath, but I found that I didn’t need to because this solid bubble bath smelled strong enough! 😀

To activate the bubble bath, I wet it and then crushed some of it under the running tap water and whisked the water in the tub to stir up some bubbles. I then crumbled the rest of it in the bath water. While it wasn’t as pleasing to watch as a dissolving bath bomb, I think the strong scent of this formulation was what leveled the playing field.

It also didn’t stain my bathtub at all! Hoorah!

The aftermath. I dropped my book in here as I tried to read it. Press “F” to pay your respects.


All in all, I was very impressed with these products, much like how I’ve always been impressed with the products that I have bought and tried from Naturally Vain previously. I truly think they are a great brand that utilizes vegan and naturally sourced ingredients, all the while refraining from the more common, gimmicky branding practices of today’s leading natural cosmetic companies.

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