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Flawless By Friday Eye Mask

Flawless By Friday Eye Mask

This month I was very fortunate to receive a free bundle of cosmetics, courtesy of Influenster, in the form of a Radiance VoxBox. To find out more about what Influenster is, click here! Otherwise, let’s jump right into my review of these products!

First and foremost, I received a complimentary “Flawless By Friday” eye mask! Each package comes with two slimy under-eye patches (one of which I dropped of course). The brand is Korean (woot for Korean skincare!) and the products are advertised as being sulfate and cruelty-free, which is a definite plus!

As far as application goes, I first stuck these suckers in the fridge so that they would have an extra cooling effect upon being put on my face. I then applied the mini eye masks to my under eye area and left them on for about 15 minutes (as the packaging suggests). After around 15 minutes (or roughly one Jenna Marbles youtube video) I removed them and then patted the remaining serum into my skin.

So did these make me look Flawless In 15? Well, no, because my acne is still all here, my lip is still crooked from the time I got a serious infection from the chicken parmigiana at East Side Marios and the greasy state of my hair reminds me of the fact that I haven’t actually taken a shower in an embarrassingly long time because the maintenance crew in our apartment building still haven’t gotten their shit together on account of the fact that the water coming out of our taps is BRIGHT BROWN.

But they did make my under eye area look less puffy and swollen from the effects of putting in extra hours to study and finish up my final papers, so I’ll give them that. 😉

All in all, a decent eye mask.

Revlon Kiss Balm
Revlon Kiss Balm

Revlon Kiss Sugar Scrub + Balm Duo

I also received this lip duo from Revlon for free. Unfortunately, I found it to be mediocre at best, which was really quite disappointing considering the fact that I find Revlon’s lip products to usually be pretty solid. The packaging kind of reminds me of children’s makeup which is not really an aesthetic that I’m down for, plus when you apply these, you get product all down the sides of the package.

But packaging aside, what is way more important is the actual product, yet even I wasn’t too impressed with that.

The scrub left my lips feeling sticky instead of moisturized. I also found that the actual balm itself made my lips look and feel pretty tacky as well. The combination of both of these lip products just left my lips looking glossy and oily instead of naturally nourished. I can completely understand that some people might totally dig this kind of look, but that kind of shiny and wet and unpigmented lip vibe is just not one that works in harmony with the rest of my matte makeup ensemble. The lip products also smell and taste so harshly of chemicals that they actually give me a mild headache upon application…sooo I think it’s fair to say that this duo gets a “no” from me.

Being By Sanctuary Spa Shower Burst

Being By Sanctuary Spa Hibiscus & Coconut Water Shower Burst

I WANT to like this product, I really do. When you squeeze the nozzle of this unique shower gel, a concentrated stream of fluff comes out and then gradually inflates into a much larger, softer, cotton-candy-like cloud. The texture of this shower burst is so creamy and smooth and satisfying to smear around, but the smell. The SMELL.

It smells like a black licorice factory and I am NOT digging that. I don’t understand how these guys thought that this product smelled at all like the tropical scents advertised on the packaging. Hibiscus is one of my favourite scents (and tastes for that matter – hibiscus tea aka ‘Jugo de Jamaica” is a Latin American fav), and I can assure you that this smelled like nothing of the sort.

I know that a lot of other ladies that were lucky enough to be given these complimentary boxes received differently scented body bursts (such as ones of a “cloudberry and lycee” or “salted caramel & macadamia” variety), so don’t take my review too seriously, as perhaps the scents of those variants truly did live up to what was advertised on their packaging. But honestly, the strong chemical scent of this product was just too overpowering for me to actually enjoy.

Clean And Clear
Clean And Clear Exfoliating Scrub

Clean & Clear Acne Triple Clear Exfoliating Scrub

This honestly couldn’t have come at a better time. In combination with a couple other awesome anti-acne products that I’ve been trying out recently, I’ve finally been able to put a stop to the raging breakouts that I’ve been experiencing this month. It’s tricky when you have acne-prone skin and have to constantly worry about the different things in your daily life that make your acne flare up, such as different products, or stress or food or hormones or the temperature, man the list goes on and on. To make matters worse, different skincare products and different ingredients treat breakouts better or worse depending on what is being used and what kind of acne breakout you are experiencing.

So who knows why the hell my acne decided to party it UP on my face this month, but I DO know that this exfoliating face wash did an excellent job eliminating those pimply bois.

I like to use this right as I wake up because the gentle exfoliants in the formula really help wake me up and feel fresh. I also like to use exfoliating products in general (this one included) in the shower so that the hot water and steam can open up all my pores and I can use the exfoliating face wash to remove all the crap that is in there.

After only 2 weeks of using this, I have noticed a major difference in my skin, and I look forward to continuing to use this liberally with all of my other skincare products. Seeing as this is a pretty inexpensive product, I’ll probably repurchase it as well!


That’s everything that I received from my Radiance Voxbox! If you are a blogger of any kind, I strongly urge you to check out Influenster and sign up to see if you can qualify to get any free boxes of goodies from them in the future!



One thought on “Radiance Vox Box | Influenster

  1. What a great idea to put the eye gels in the fridge first. What a bummer that you dropped one. 😦 I’d be so upset, lol. Sounds horrible about the tap water… hopefully your maintenance man comes around soon! I’d call ’em everyday if I were you! They gave you so many different brands and products, what a fun box. 😀


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