Ichiban Bakery | Ottawa

Many a time have I passed by Ichiban Bakery‘s iconic window on Bank Street, filled to the brim with baked goods and pastries just beckoning for me to step inside and eat my bodyweight in French and Japanese tarts. So, the other day I finally made a point to check the place out and I’m so glad I did! I think I’ll be able to add this cute little spot in the heart of the Glebe to my list of favourite bakeries in Ottawa!

Ichiban Bakery is a family-run business that has been serving both Japanese and French baked goods for 16 years! You can find them in the Glebe, right in between 4th and 5th ave.

IchibanBakery Ottawa
Ichiban always has these baked goods on display. Don’t worry, you won’t be eating any of these ahaha ;p The pastries and breads that they sell are always freshly baked!

So, Ben and I popped in for a quick bite and coffee before heading to one of my last classes for the semester (cheers to that bois).

The place is actually a lot smaller than I had envisioned it, but it had a really cozy and warm aesthetic to it. Right as we walked in the lady behind the counter pointed out a couple of her favourite baked goods behind the large display case and explained that everything was homemade and baked fresh that morning!

Look at this fine assortment of GOODS. They have traditional sweet French pastries like Almond croissants and pain du chocolat, as well as some more savory goods!
Ichiban Bakery Ottawa
AH!!! You almost made me drop my CROISSANT!!!

While it was tempted to try one of everything that she suggested, I HAD to try out their iconic “Japanese Cream Cheese Tart” – it’s what Ichiban Bakery is well known for!

You can check out their entire menu here!

The tart was creamy and delicious! The dough was a bit hard to rip apart with just a fork, but I expected as much. I feel like cream cheese tarts are aesthetic AF and then you start digging into it with your fork and it gets all mushy and just completely falls apart (oh wow, kinda like me during exam season).

Ichiban Bakery
I grabbed a latte and Ichiban Bakery’s famous “Japanese Cream Cheese Tart”. SUuuper tasty.
Also, kind of embarrassing but, I saw on Ichiban’s Instagram that they have black and red coffee cups and plates so I said a little prayer to the aesthetic gods in hopes that I would get a black cup seeing as that colour would fit much better in accordance with my blog and Instagram theme. Lo and behold, the kind lady behind the counter brought us our drinks and I let out a gasp of relief and sighed: “Oh mY goD they have GrEeN cUpS” right as she set the cups down in front of me. I couldn’t even contain my excitement over the COLOUR of a CUP, what the fuck is wrong with me :’)

The coffee was pretty superb too. I’m going to have to do a comprehensive review of all the coffee around Ottawa at some point lmao, but for the time being, I’m not too sure where exactly the coffee at Ichiban would fall on my scale. I’d say that the best coffee I’ve had has been at like, Headquarters or Black Squirrel or Little Victories, but Ichiban’s latte definitely kicks Starbucks and any other commercial producer’s ass. You just can’t beat a really nice latte made with love, ya know?

Here is the view of one side of the cafe, where you will find the bakery counter. We went around the end of the day so as you can see, a lot of their stock (especially the baked breads) had since cleared out. On the other side of the cafe is where guests can grab a seat.

Speaking of love, the service was really kind! The lady was totally cool about me being obnoxious and taking pics of the cafe and it was really kind of her to tell us about the different kinds of baked goods behind the counter.

When we went, the place was pretty dead, save for a few clusters of old ladies getting together for some TEA (if ya know what I mean) ;p

I absolutely loved the ceiling fixtures of this place (but hey, what’s new), especially in contrast with the brick wall! Nice one Ichiban Bakery!

But I don’t get the impression that this place gets super packed on the regular or anything, so if you are in the ‘hood I’d recommend this place if you are looking for a neat cafe to study in! Plus, the fact that Ichiban Bakery has French AND Japanese baked goods gives me LIFE. My TWO favourite kinds of cuisines! And of course, this place gets a nod of approval from an aesthetic snob like me – the interior design is cute, with dope ceiling fixtures and cute wall art!

You can count on me going back to Ichiban Bakery to try out their matcha pastries and pick up a baguette for dinner ;p

Website: http://www.ichibanbakery.ca/index.html
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ichibanbakeryottawa/?ref=br_rs
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ichibanbakeryottawa/


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