Wow it feels like it’s been a hot MINUTE since I’ve had the time to really compose a piece for my blog. What can I say; I was caught in the midst of exam season. My priorities were as scrambled as my answers to the overly elaborate and existential questions that my English profs were posing for my final assignments.

“Discuss time, as well, as a measure of the success of art. Illustrate the scope of this generalized theme in its several manifestations, and characterize the moods the poet associates with destiny and mutability as they connect to the poetic present”. BRuH.

My skin tends to flare up and misbehave whenever I get stressed out, and the creeping deadlines and final papers of the term can really trigger my acne. So, it comes as no surprise that my skin decided to act like a temperamental piece of shit right as I plowed through the rest of the semester’s work.

While pimples were popping up on my face faster than I could memorize all of the poets for my ENGL1000 exam, I was able to eradicate these annoying spots at an equally fast speed thanks to a few naturaly based products that I have been testing out by the brand NIU BODY.


Behold, the smol collection of products from NIU BODY that I have been trying out these past few weeks!

NIU BODY’s products are all 100 percent vegan and made in small batches in Toronto Canada (woot, represent)!! They use a variety of naturally-sourced ingredients that have been proven to accommodate plenty of skincare-related needs. You know I’m a science nut, and this brand definitely gets my anti-pseudoscience nod of approval! While a lot of brands like to throw around buzzwords to appease and persuade the millennial masses, NIU BODY actually uses exclusively natural ingredients that are well-known remedies for skincare issues (i.e: aloe vera, coconut oil, witch hazel etc).

Plus, the packaging comes in the cutest recyclable containers ever! I don’t see myself throwing these out, even once I’ve finished them, seeing as they are of good quality and they look super cute. I’ll probably use the spray bottles as travel-sized containers to store the contents of my bigger setting sprays, the oil bottle as a way to store facewash and/or body wash, and the mask container as a small jewelry jar!

To learn more about their products and company ethics, click here!


I think I’ve found my new favourite clay mask…

My 30 dollar PLUS Sephora-brand masks are QUAKING. This mask is a godsend – every aspect of it works perfectly for my particular skin concerns.

The application is such a soothing process – I add a half of a tablespoon of the powdered mask mixture into a small cup or saucer and then add a few drops of water, aloe vera gel, OR toner to the mix (depending on how adventurous I’m feeling). I make sure to add enough liquid that the powdered mask mixture turns into a thick, viscous form, but not so much that it gets completely diluted and far too liquidy in nature. I then take a flat (and clean!) foundation brush and spread this stuff all over my face. From mixing the “ingredients” to painting the cooling substance on my face – the entire application process is just so appreciated in light of all of the stress that accompanies exam season.

Aside from the relaxing application process, the formula also works wonders. It isn’t a very harsh mask, so my skin doesn’t feel dry and “cracky” (lmao) afterward, but it’s intense enough that it really clears all the gunk from my pores and leaves my skin very clean. I also like that the mask is super easy to wash off. A damp towel or a quick splash of water will remove the mask with ease, thus reducing the amount of drag that a towel or your fingers would require. Less drag = less skin irritation = less skin problems!

One small scoop of this mixed with a few drops of your preferred toning substance and voila – a match made in heaven for your problematic skin!

After completely covering my face and part of my neck with the mask, I like to wait for around 15 minutes before I wash it off. With regular usage (about 2 – 3 times a week) I’ve noticed a dramatic difference in the quality of my skin. My bigger, hormonal cysts are drastically reduced in size and my skin just looks noticeably clearer.

I feel like I’m getting top of the line, luxury results yet I only have to pay a fraction of the price! 11/10 would recommend.



After using up the rest of my Jurlique toning spray, I knew that I just had to try out some more of these kinds of toners. I’ve got my eye on that Caudelie Beauty Elixer spray, and likewise, the PRICE TAG that comes with it. Miss me with that boujee shit man.

Fortunately, both of the sprays from NIU BODY that I tried out are very affordable and I have been 100% impressed with the results of their usage. I got one called “Awake”, which I use in the morning, prior to commencing my makeup routine, and also one called “Calm”, which I use at night prior to commencing my night-time skincare routine.

I’m LOVING both of NIU Body’s toning mists! Ingredients like witch hazel and aloe vera make my skin very happy!

There are no rules to these products, I’m sure you could definitely live that edgy life and use “Calm” in the morning and “Awake” right as you are about to fall asleep just to shake things up a bit.

The two of these sprays have very similar ingredients, save for the scents. They both have aloe vera and witch hazel, which help reduce inflammation and combat blemishes (and I can attest to the effectiveness of these products). The only difference between the “Calm” lavender toning spray and the “Awake” rose tonight mist is really the ingredients that give them different scents (rosehip extract and rose floral water in the “Awake” variant and lavender floral water in the “Calm” variant).

I’d also like to commend NIU BODY for creating top quality, durable spray nozzles. I’ve been buying mac fix + and urban decay setting sprays (amongst others) for ages now and the nozzles always crap out on me and either squirt product out in a very thin, concentrated stream or stop working and spraying anything altogether. The nozzles on these products spray an evenly-spread-out fine mist, which makes application a dream! One spray in the middle of your face and one on each side is plenty enough to do the trick.

With cult-favourite skincare ingredients, aesthetic AF packaging and a durable design, NIU BODY clearly knows what’s up.



Lastly, I grabbed a makeup remover oil that is supposed to be ideal for oily skin (they also have a combo skin and dry skin variant). I am ALL ABOUT the ingredients in this oil, but I’m not completely sold on the packaging.

Because it’s stored in a bottle, it really isn’t ideal to just pour some oil into your hands and then start scrubbing your face. That can get really messy, real quick (kinda like the quality of my writing when I’m pumping out a 12-page essay in 24 hours rip). The application instructions suggest pouring some oil into a cotton pad and then using that to remove your makeup, but I also found this to be problematic. Seeing as the oil is very thick, it really soaks into the cotton pad and doesn’t spread around my face very efficiently (the way Bioderma does, for example). I also used this to remove my eye makeup once and it left a very thick film in my eyeball that continued to irritate me even when I had washed it vigorously with water.

This one just didn’t quite work for me. I really wish it came with a pump to make application easier!

Even when avoiding my eye area in future trials, I just found that the entire cotton pad + oil method really wasn’t working out for me as I was having to really drag that thing all over my skin to get any of my foundation to come off, which is not only frustrating, but that kind of contact on my skin really tends to irritate it.

I would have preferred to gently massage the oil into my face with slightly-wet fingers so as to make the substance glide around with more ease – only thing is the product doesn’t come out of a pump. I’d have to grab the bottle with my greasy hands and pour a little bit at a time and all that is just really problematic. (I tried using just my hands and the act of pouring oil into my hands and then rubbing it on my face, and then grabbing a bit more oil was just sloppy and messy).

While I think NIU BODY has a potentially great product on their hands, I think they need to either re-work the packaging to accommodate the viscosity of the oil (adding a pump could be one way to fix this, a lot of the Korean oils that I use and my favourite Boscia makeup remover oil come in this format) OR, they could find a way to make the formulation less viscous so that it could be better used with a cotton pad.


In Conclusion…

All in all, from using all of these products in unison I’ve been able to keep my skin concerns at bay. My skin has always responded very positively to natural products, and these are no exception. While I’ll probably pass on repurchasing the oil, I’ll undoubtedly be repurchasing the facemask and at least one of the facial mists. If you are looking for natural-based and effective products that address a wide range of skincare needs and don’t break the bank I’d highly recommend checking NUI BODY out! I’m so happy I stumbled upon them!



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