I Spray-Painted My Nails | Milk Makeup Spray Nail Polish Review


When I was home for a bit after exams, my friends and I made a quick stop at the Marshalls’ in the mall to see if we could find anything of particular interest. Lo and behold, I found a couple Milk Makeup products that caught my eye (I’ll be doing a Milk Makeup Haul & Review later), one of which was a nail polish in the form of a spray paint.

Yeah, even the lady at the counter gave me a weird look and questioned my mental integrity. Ok, maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but, honestly, she may as well have.

Her: [looks at the nail spray, points, and judges me judily] Does that thing really work?

Me: I have no idea [awkward laugh] It looks kinda gimmicky, but I thought hey, why not? 

Milk Makeup Spray Nail + Nail Stencil

Milk Makeup Spray Nail Polish

Long story short – I kind of expected these results, and I also kinda didn’t. Wow, how helpful, so informative, best blogger 2018.

The directions (as inscribed on the back of the package) read as follows:

  • Apply base coat to clean, dry nails and let dry for 5 minutes
  • Shake can well and hold vertically 8 inches from hand
  • Spray evenly across all fingertips in a sweeping motion, coating nails and surrounding area
  • Repeat for more coverage if needed.
  • Allow nails to dry for 2 minutes, then apply top coat
  • Allow finished manicure to dry for 5 minutes
  • Wash hands with soap and warm water to remove excess polish from skin
Milk Makeup Spray Nails
The package came with a nifty little stencil. I’d imagine this would be cool to use if you were going to spray this stuff over an existing manicure.

The directions were easy enough to follow. Since I couldn’t find my usual top coat, and couldn’t be arsed to go and look for it, I settled for using this Millionails “nail treatment” by Essie, which I’m sure serves as a suitable substitute.

I used this millionails treatment by Essie for my bottom coat, and a china glaze no chip top coat

Sure enough, I waited 5 minutes and then walked over to my sink where I would be performing… the procedure. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I SHOOK the can well and ngl, I felt kinda like a badass to hear that satisfying, iconic spray can rattle, only instead of tagging a wall, I was spraying my crusty ass nails :’). I held the can about 8 inches (give or take) away from my fingers and then pressed down on the nozzle.

I tried to do what was advised in the instructions and spray in a “sweeping motion”, but the second I squeezed the nozzle and the silver spray shot out I was too shook to remember what the fuck I was supposed to be doing. The spray went EVERYWHERE, and it felt extremely cold on my fingers (and not in a good or refreshing way, but a CHEMICALLY WRONG, ALERT ALERT THIS IS A MISTAKE way).


I really didn’t like the sensation at all, but I buckled down and sprayed the rest of my nails to make sure I had a nice even coat on all of them.

It also left a mess in my sink. I quickly tried to scrub away at the silver crust that was left in the basin with warm water and soap but I didn’t manage to grab all of it. Good thing I bought some nail polish remover the other day; I didn’t think I’d have to end up using it to rid my sink of sparkly silver polish :’)

Next time, I will definitely place my hands on a disposable piece of paper or parchment or something before spraying this again. Or, you know, fully commit to it and just spray-paint my entire sink silver while I’m at it.

Rip my sink

As instructed, I waited for about two minutes, and then applied my favourite China Glaze top coat to my nails. The instructions say that after five minutes you should wash your hands, but after five minutes had passed I lightly tapped my nails to see if they had dried and they still felt pretty tacky, so I actually waited for another 2 minutes.

Finally, after my nails were feeling dry, I went to wash my hands. I will say, there is no need to be ginger and cautious when washing the excess polish from your skin – I did so at first before quickly realizing that the polish on my nails was solid and not going anywhere. In fact, in order to remove most of the excess polish, I had to scrub my hands pretty rigorously.

I scrubbed at my hands in very much the same manner as the time I washed my hands AFTER I was made to clean the employee’s toilet that hadn’t been properly cleaned in 3 years at my old workplace: vigorously, and for a solid 10 minutes.

Milk Makeup
Not bad, not bad. Honestly, about the same quality manicure as if I were to hand-paint my nails :’)

Alas, even after all that scrubbing, I didn’t manage to grab all of the excess polish; there are still a few slivers around the edges of my nails, but it more or less looks pretty great.

Update: after I showered, there are even less pieces of nail polish on my skin, and the manicure looks even more solid than it did before.

Honestly, I’m pretty impressed with this product. Despite the quirky method of application and the mess it made in my sink, it’s a pretty solid nail polish.

While I’m not a big fan of the feeling that the spray left on my fingers, the product itself actually dried up really quickly. One of the biggest problems that I have with nail polish is the wait-time because I really don’t have a half hour or more to spare for my nails to dry.

I’ve ruined my manicure too many times to count simply because I hadn’t waited long enough for the polish to dry, or I painted my nails with too thick of a coat. This spray application not only dramatically minimized the weight time, but the formulation seems strong and durable.


I grabbed this at Marshalls for a discounted price of $7.99 (the regular price is around $12 CAD).  Even at the non-discounted price, I may actually buy this kind of product again. Silver isn’t exactly my go-to shade, but if I ever see a cute spray-on nail polish colour from Milk Makeup, or any other brand for that matter, I don’t think I’ll necessarily rule it out on account of the quirky format that it comes in.

Have you ever tried a kind of spray-on nail polish? Do you have a preferred brand, or do you know of a brand that dries super quickly so I don’t keep ruining my manicures? :’)

I recall that Sally Hansen had (has?) a kind of “super dry” nail polish line or something, but the colour selection never impressed me and the polish itself always seemed to flake off my nails after just a day. I love me some OPI and Essie, don’t get me wrong, but I really need to get my hands on something that is fast-drying and DOESN’T ruin my sink ≧◡≦




2 thoughts on “I Spray-Painted My Nails | Milk Makeup Spray Nail Polish Review

  1. Oh my gosh, what an interesting product!! Thanks for writing such an informative review haha I would love to try this stuff sometime!! I have a hard time waiting for my nails to dry when I paint them too, if you find any fast-drying nail polishes out there, please let me know!!
    Can’t wait to see your Milk Haul!

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