Equator Coffee at the NAC

You already know that I like to go out to cafes to do my freelance work whenever I can instead of the alternative: staying at home all day in bed on my computer like the subjects of the “relatable” student-life-has-given-me-crippling-depression-pls-help memes.

Today on the menu: A super rad cafe in an art center near parliament!

Equator Coffee at the NAC

A really neat place that has been nice to work at has been the National Art Centre (NAC) of Ottawa. Shoutout to the Ottawa Instagram bloggers that I follow that have posted pics in this place because I had no idea that the NAC was such a spacious building with plenty of beautiful and modern areas to lounge and work in!

I wish I grabbed a seat over there. The views were way more urban and city-scape like, which would have been rad to grab a pic of for the ‘gram. Instead, I was facing the park and the “Canadian Tomb of the Unknown Soldier” area, where some random disheveled looking man stared me down for a solid 20 minutes through the window.

The NAC also recently opened up an Equator Coffee cafe, which I found out through this Narcity article. Check it out for yourself to see how gorgeous the views of the city and parliament are from the coffee shop alone!

Cool coffee cup, except I don’t know why these cafes keep giving me to-go cups like boi do you see the laptop in my bag? I’m not carrying this hunk of plastic around for shits and giggles mate pls, I intend to sticking around for a bit aight?

I didn’t take too many shots of the outside views simply because it *flips hair* didn’t really fit with my A E S T H E T I C, but I did take some pics of the inside of the cafe space (of course).

I know that Equator Coffee has a few shops around Ottawa (one in Westboro and one in Almonte), but I’ve never actually gotten a chance to check them out simply because they are quite a ways away from where I live.

Cool (coffee) beans

Equator Coffee Roasters is a local roastery based in Ottawa that has been roasting and delivering coffee every week. Of all the local coffees that I’ve tried, I would say that Equator coffee ranks highly on the list.

I’ll definitely be sure to do a complete ranking or at least a compilation of my absolute favourite cafes around Ottawa in the coming months. But first, I need more data! 😉


While the pics of this cafe suggests that it was relatively quiet, it was actually incredibly busy when I first arrived and for a majority of the time that I was there.

The cafe is definitely not the quietest spot in the NAC to study or work, but I don’t personally mind the ambiance when I’m doing procedural coding tasks. If I was doing something that required a little more thinking, like writing (oooo sicc burn to all those programmers out there that hate liberal arts majors ;p) I would probably move to a quieter spot, and fortunately, there are plenty to pick!

Up close and personal

If you are in the area or you fancy a walk down Elgin or through Downtown Ottawa to find a nice place to work that has all of life’s absolutely vital amenities (i.e washrooms, AC, food, and coffee) then I’d recommend checking out the Equator Coffee Roasters cafe in the NAC!

At the very least I’m POSITIVE you will find some dope Instagram pic opportunities ;p



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