I’m Sara and I’m an English student at Carleton University in Ottawa.  I’ve always wanted to be a writer, a novelist in fact. I recall one time in the seventh grade a half-enthused substitute teacher asked every kid in the class what he/she aspired to be in the future as part of some mandatory career-related initiative that the school was implementing to get the pre-teens “excited” about their futures. I remember that I responded to his question confidently,  stating that I wished to become “a famous author“. This provoked a raised brow, a derisive chuckle, and the snide remark: “why a famous author? Specifically famous”?

I don’t know what his problem was, but I recall responding to this cheeky bugger with a simple: “Why not?”

Aaaand while that breaches the limit of what was my childhood bravado, it’s an aspiration that I still hold dearly to this day. In the meantime, writing sporadic blog posts about my life will have to suffice.

Check out my first post to get the low-down of what kind of content you can expect here! You can also get to know me better by checking out my “50 Questions” post.


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