Things I Tried In…May


Allow me to beat you to the punch: “May”?? Girl, you best be accumulating your list of products for JUNE‘s “Things I’ve Tried” post given the DATE and TIME of this post. I know, I know, please forgive me ;p In my defense, I’ve been fairly busy these past few weeks. I’ve been looking for […]

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Things I’ve Tried In … March

Sheet Mask

  March has been a very exciting month for me in the sense that I was so lucky as to receive some very neat blogging opportunities. I got my first PR box ever (from Naturally Vain, check out the post I did here), and I was given my first ever “VoxBox” from Influenster (the corresponding post will […]

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Things I’ve Tried In … February

Bath And Body Works Candle

A while back I put out a poll on my Instagram story asking you guys what reoccurring segment you would prefer to see on the blog: Monthly Favourites, OR Things I’ve Tried. Lo and behold, the winner was the latter! Now, evidently, there are many MANY things that I have “tried” at one point or another […]

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