Things I Tried In…May


Allow me to beat you to the punch: “May”?? Girl, you best be accumulating your list of products for JUNE‘s “Things I’ve Tried” post given the DATE and TIME of this post. I know, I know, please forgive me ;p In my defense, I’ve been fairly busy these past few weeks. I’ve been looking for […]

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Equator Coffee at the NAC


You already know that I like to go out to cafes to do my freelance work whenever I can instead of the alternative: staying at home all day in bed on my computer like the subjects of the “relatable” student-life-has-given-me-crippling-depression-pls-help memes. Today on the menu: A super rad cafe in an art center near parliament! […]

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I Spray-Painted My Nails | Milk Makeup Spray Nail Polish Review


When I was home for a bit after exams, my friends and I made a quick stop at the Marshalls’ in the mall to see if we could find anything of particular interest. Lo and behold, I found a couple Milk Makeup products that caught my eye (I’ll be doing a Milk Makeup Haul & […]

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Mario Badescu SkinCare Review

Mario Badescu

I was in Anthropologie the day after I got paid (I know, bold move) and surprisingly enough I didn’t buy absolutely everything that I laid my eyes on. I did, however, grab a couple skincare related goodies to try to get a head start on keeping my skin under control before the summer weather challenges its […]

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Le Moulin De Provence


Another day, another cafe. It’s over 10 degrees celsius here in Ottawa so you know what that means: It’s summer-time bois! I dared myself to get out more this summer instead of just marinating in my bed all day. I do web development, SEO work and a bit of freelance writing to pay the bills, thus, all […]

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Acne Hacks | Get Rid of Acne on a Budget


So, there isn’t going to be a “Things I’ve Tried In….” post this month (I know, Wow, I broke the streak already) simply because I didn’t really get a chance to do any shopping these past few weeks in light of exam season. Please forgib. However, I thought I’d do something different and stray away […]

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Howdy. Wow it feels like it’s been a hot MINUTE since I’ve had the time to really compose a piece for my blog. What can I say; I was caught in the midst of exam season. My priorities were as scrambled as my answers to the overly elaborate and existential questions that my English profs […]

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Ichiban Bakery | Ottawa

Many a time have I passed by Ichiban Bakery‘s iconic window on Bank Street, filled to the brim with baked goods and pastries just beckoning for me to step inside and eat my bodyweight in French and Japanese tarts. So, the other day I finally made a point to check the place out and I’m so […]

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Oat Couture Cafe Ottawa + Soft Opening Event

The other day I attended the soft opening for Oat Couture, a new cafe and hangout spot in Ottawa that specializes in unique Oatmeal combinations (and other assorted baked goods – including oat doggy treats, how cute)!! Not going to lie, it was pretty cool to be amongst the first people in the city to […]

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Radiance Vox Box | Influenster

Flawless By Friday Eye Mask This month I was very fortunate to receive a free bundle of cosmetics, courtesy of Influenster, in the form of a Radiance VoxBox. To find out more about what Influenster is, click here! Otherwise, let’s jump right into my review of these products! First and foremost, I received a complimentary […]

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Things I’ve Tried In … March

Sheet Mask

  March has been a very exciting month for me in the sense that I was so lucky as to receive some very neat blogging opportunities. I got my first PR box ever (from Naturally Vain, check out the post I did here), and I was given my first ever “VoxBox” from Influenster (the corresponding post will […]

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Naturally Vain Review | PR Goodies!

Not too long ago, a representative from Naturally Vain reached out to me on Instagram to see if I’d be interested in representing their brand by becoming a Brand Ambassador. Coincidentally, I received this message as I was soaking in the bath after having used a Naturally Vain bath bomb and their bath salts, I. Kid. […]

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What’s The Big Deal With Halo Top Ice Cream

Halo Top Ice Cream

Hi, my name is Sara, and I am NOT…. a professional food critic, so please take what I say with a grain of salt (?pun? ?intended?) These past few weeks my Instagram feed has been BLOWING UP with pics of these iconic, aesthetically designed tubs of ice cream that claim to have a ridiculously low caloric value. […]

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Black Squirrel Books & Espresso Bar | & Menu

Black Squirrel Books is a cute little used bookstore and cafe located in Old Ottawa South. It’s super close to Carleton’s campus (about a 10-15 minute walk) so it’s the perfect spot to hang out before class and study over some coffee while taking in the down-to-earth vibes of the place. There HAS to be a correlation […]

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Love Beauty & Planet | REVIEW

Love Beauty And Planet

I ran out of my conditioner the other day so I went to shoppers drug mart to look for a new one. Turns out, my regular conditioner was not on sale (tragic, I know) while this NEW line of shampoos/conditioners were! I’ve heard so many good things about the newly-released brand “Love Beauty and Planet” […]

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Arlington Five

Yesterday I stopped by Arlington 5 with Ben before class to grab my essential second cup of coffee so that I could ensure that my eyes would stay open during my evening classes (WHOMSTever thought it was a good idea to have 6-9pm classes was grossly half-witted). If you haven’t checked this cute and cozy cafe yet […]

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HeadQuarters Ottawa [HQ OTTAWA]

HeadQuarters Cafe Ottawa

HeadQuarters is a new cafe in the ByWard Market area with stellar vibes, DELICIOUS bites to eat, and super inviting service. HQ also doubles as a hair salon so you can watch the stylists work their magic through the glass-median that divides the two sections of the shop whilst sipping your almond-milk latte and taking pics […]

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