Things I Tried In…May


Allow me to beat you to the punch: “May”?? Girl, you best be accumulating your list of products for JUNE‘s “Things I’ve Tried” post given the DATE and TIME of this post. I know, I know, please forgive me ;p In my defense, I’ve been fairly busy these past few weeks. I’ve been looking for […]

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Equator Coffee at the NAC


You already know that I like to go out to cafes to do my freelance work whenever I can instead of the alternative: staying at home all day in bed on my computer like the subjects of the “relatable” student-life-has-given-me-crippling-depression-pls-help memes. Today on the menu: A super rad cafe in an art center near parliament! […]

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I Spray-Painted My Nails | Milk Makeup Spray Nail Polish Review


When I was home for a bit after exams, my friends and I made a quick stop at the Marshalls’ in the mall to see if we could find anything of particular interest. Lo and behold, I found a couple Milk Makeup products that caught my eye (I’ll be doing a Milk Makeup Haul & […]

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Mario Badescu SkinCare Review

Mario Badescu

I was in Anthropologie the day after I got paid (I know, bold move) and surprisingly enough I didn’t buy absolutely everything that I laid my eyes on. I did, however, grab a couple skincare related goodies to try to get a head start on keeping my skin under control before the summer weather challenges its […]

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Acne Hacks | Get Rid of Acne on a Budget


So, there isn’t going to be a “Things I’ve Tried In….” post this month (I know, Wow, I broke the streak already) simply because I didn’t really get a chance to do any shopping these past few weeks in light of exam season. Please forgib. However, I thought I’d do something different and stray away […]

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Howdy. Wow it feels like it’s been a hot MINUTE since I’ve had the time to really compose a piece for my blog. What can I say; I was caught in the midst of exam season. My priorities were as scrambled as my answers to the overly elaborate and existential questions that my English profs […]

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Naturally Vain Review | PR Goodies!

Not too long ago, a representative from Naturally Vain reached out to me on Instagram to see if I’d be interested in representing their brand by becoming a Brand Ambassador. Coincidentally, I received this message as I was soaking in the bath after having used a Naturally Vain bath bomb and their bath salts, I. Kid. […]

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Love Beauty & Planet | REVIEW

Love Beauty And Planet

I ran out of my conditioner the other day so I went to shoppers drug mart to look for a new one. Turns out, my regular conditioner was not on sale (tragic, I know) while this NEW line of shampoos/conditioners were! I’ve heard so many good things about the newly-released brand “Love Beauty and Planet” […]

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Favourite Hair Care Products

My hair and I have always had a complicated relationship. To be fair, I haven’t always been the kindest to it. I suppose the frequent dips in the chlorine-saturated pools of my swim-lesson-enthusiast childhood, my lifeguarding job in my young- adulthood, and the recurrent flat-ironing sessions of the past, present (and future??) have always taken a […]

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Favourite Face Masks

There is something so rewardingly therapeutic about slathering rich, creamy clay masks and sticky sheets drenched in serums on your tired skin after a strenuous day of long commutes to school, less-than-lively lectures and dealing with the crazy French lady at the UC food court checkout. We all have our own ways of rewarding ourselves […]

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