Things I Tried In…May


Allow me to beat you to the punch: “May”?? Girl, you best be accumulating your list of products for JUNE‘s “Things I’ve Tried” post given the DATE and TIME of this post. I know, I know, please forgive me ;p In my defense, I’ve been fairly busy these past few weeks. I’ve been looking for […]

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Things I’ve Tried In … February

Bath And Body Works Candle

A while back I put out a poll on my Instagram story asking you guys what reoccurring segment you would prefer to see on the blog: Monthly Favourites, OR Things I’ve Tried. Lo and behold, the winner was the latter! Now, evidently, there are many MANY things that I have “tried” at one point or another […]

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Naturally Vain Haul + Review [comparison to LUSH]

Naturally Vain is a local Ottawa company (that ships across all of Canada and the US) that uses top-quality, vegan and naturally sourced ingredients to craft their products. I’ve mentioned the brand a few times on Instagram and on other blog posts (like my Favourite Face Masks post) because the few products that I purchased from […]

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Favourite Face Masks

There is something so rewardingly therapeutic about slathering rich, creamy clay masks and sticky sheets drenched in serums on your tired skin after a strenuous day of long commutes to school, less-than-lively lectures and dealing with the crazy French lady at the UC food court checkout. We all have our own ways of rewarding ourselves […]

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Get Un-Ready With Me [My Nighttime Skincare Routine + Products]

As much as I’d love to be at a point in my life where I use $450 La Mer serums or moisturizers infused with microscopic gold flecks, the fact of the matter is that my skin (being oily and temperamental and all) has high demands that my limited student budget simply can’t keep up with. […]

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